The Black Panther Party A-Z Coloring Book

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This coloring book was illustrated and written by the third-grade class at Park Day School in Oakland as part of their unit of study about The Black Panthers. With the leadership of their teacher Lisa Ostapinski, They researched, read, attended interviews with BPP members, and learned all about the Women of The Black Panther Party (WBPP) and Mural through a virtual tour and Q&A with Jilchristina Vest. Inspired by the WBPP Activity Book, they created this coloring book to help teach people about The Black Panther Party and to support the completion of the mural.

This book is printed in paper format, is 8.5 x 11 inches, features the drawings and writing of the students.

100% of the profits going to support the completion of the West Oakland Mural Project's Women of The Black Panther Party Mural.

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this project supports joy and healing

bcz u choose healing

we need tears of joy insteadof grief and rage to heal