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We are halfway there! All of the funding thus far has gone into preparing the house for the mural and then installing the side wall mural dedicated to The Women of The Black Panther Party. As of March 2021, that main wall is 90% done and we are on a break to raise the funds needed for the back of the house - dedicated to Sandra Bland and the #SayHerName movement.

Saying someone’s name confirms their existence.

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sandra bland

The entire mural is based onthe tenements of the #SayHerName movement - Black Women are not invisible. Theentire back. of the house is. dedicated Sandra Bland. She always spoke from theheart and spoke of love and liberation. This quote, and this quote alone, willfill the entire back wall and can be seen from 2 blocks away. Everyone can feeljoy from her words,most specifically children…
2 blocks away is thePlayground @ Prescott Elementary School.

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Development often come at the cost of Black Health, Land Ownership, and Belonging. Now’s the time to reclaim the urban landscape. We cultivate community ownership and creative control in real estate development. Rooted in West Oakland, CA, we are breaking silos and conventions in neighborhood planning to build belonging across the African Diaspora.