Black Panther event that is lead by Jilchristinia Vest
Wesrt oakland Mural Event
The Events
2nd Annual
FREE the people

Saturday June 18th, 2022
@ The Women of The Black Panther Party Mural
Center and 9th Streets
West Oakland, Ca

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TEXT 646-306-7175

The mural will host a multitude of events throughout the year, every year. Every event will center on Black Joy, Black Love and Black Women. These public events located at the mural will preserve and create community, promote justice and healing, and model kindness and generosity.

Saturday June 18th
Feed The People

Donate Food
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The inaugural event was on The Unveiling and Food Give Away on the last event. Hundreds of viewers from all over the world watched the installation of this historic artistry via live stream hosted by Micia Mosely of The Black Teacher Project. The online event featured many other speakers, including the homeowner, Jilchristina Vest, journalist Alicia R. Mayo, Black Panther Kim Nelson, and the Muralist Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, who also created art on the wall LIVE!. Simultaneously, and in honor of the BPP’s People’s Free Food Program, the West Oakland Mural Project with the leadership of East Oakland Collective and support from Gold Beams, packed and then handed out the groceries.

Organizations, restaurants, neighbors, friends, Oaklanders and people from around the Bay and the world donated time, money, food and labor to make The Unveiling Event and Food Give Away successful. Like this event, all future events will be possible with community cooperation and support.

When we come together for one purpose nothing can stop us. Everything about the mural and this inaugural event let us see just how sexy generosity is.

heal in public

The #sayhername Women of The Black Panther Party Mural is just one of many beautiful public art pieces celebrating Black Joy and taking up space while Black. The WBPP Mural is the first public art piece dedicated to the Women of the Black Panther Party but it most certainly won't be the last.

Free Food Program by Jilchristina Vest
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