The Team
the team

We are a collective of free-thinking multi-generational individuals, who believe we have the power to change and control our own narratives, subsequently reshaping our reality. We believe the truth is a step towards liberation, particularly in matters of oppression. The truth about the Black Panther Party is rarely told, so we came together and took a heavy, liberating step.

We’re a proud assortment of Black Panther Party leaders, artists, homeowners, community members, healers, and activists joined together to honor the Women of The Black Panther Party and their legacy. From the contributions of the inspiration to those of the curator, the mentor, and the artist, this project was conceived, led, illustrated, and birthed, by Black Women.

Artists on Team:
Zoe Boston, DJ Ignacia, Ksaun

Muralist Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith
Visionary Jilchristina Vest
Photos by Joe Keefe

Visionary, Curator, Homeowner

Jilchristina vest
Ericka Huggins

Panther, Elder, Mentor

Ericka Huggins

Muralist, Designer, Director

Rachel Wolfe

Designer, Developer, Consultant

kimberly fomby

Graphic Design, Concept Artist

James Shields

Film Team Lead

Taylor Price