the Funders
Major Funding & Support Provided By
major funding

Thank you to the San Francisco Foundation and
Peralta Community Colleges for helping make sure this project came to life. Your generosity and support remain the foundation of this historic undertaking.

this is a community funded project

Whether it was a $5 individual donation from the other side of the world or an amazing grant from a foundation right here in the Bay Area, The West Oakland Mural Project exists because we all came together and made it happen. A perfect reminder that - a people united can never be defeated. In community and gratitude, we thank you.

major funding

Thank you also to Akonadi Foundation and
Panta Rhea Foundation for stepping up and supporting this project with major grants. The work you are doing in the world is amazing and we are proud to have joined your families. This Project exists because of you.

383 donations...

came from individual people. Thank you to everyone from around the world who donated through Kickstarter and Facebook. We raised $23,000 between the two! You helped get this whole thing started in the Summer of 2020.

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