The womens (Jilchristina Vest, Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, Stephen Shames, Ericka Huggins) have played a significant role for the support of women in the Black Panther Party Oakland.
we heard them say
Read testimonials from West Oakland Mural Project supporters

"The mural is beautiful. One side of the amazing home with depictions of women and children and the work of the Panthers. The museum is impressive with large museum quality displays and unique photos, articles from personal collections. Recommend a trip to anyone interested in equality."

— Lisa C. and Ida O.

"The Mural is breathtaking and the museum is thought provoking!"

— Nitasha H.

"The unveiling was such a beautiful event. Thank you, Women of the Black Panther Party! And thank you West Oakland Mural Project for creating space, preserving culture, honoring heroines and building community! You are also seen and loved."

— Nicia D.

"Thank you for blessing me...blessing us. The museum and mural are more than history. They are more than art. It is the telling of our story. A testament to our intelligence, beauty, resilience and commitment to our community. The 'porch talk' was like a balm... healing for my spirit. (And I met someone who's also committed to responding to one of the tenets of the 10-point platform!). The work and struggle continues. Power to the people!!!"

— Carla K.

"Really enjoyed the pop up museum. Beautiful work for the community."

— Justin A.

"Great place to bring your family and friends to learn more about the history of the black panther party."

— Jewell H.

"Thank you to everyone who contributed in the preservation of this important history. It is wonderful how the names of BPP women are going up on the mural...and continues to grow. Mindblowing, beautiful and intensely powerful. I felt all of the love!"

— Anonymous Visitor

"I loved it. I had seen a lot of the information before but appreciated the focus on women. I somehow did not understand the extent of their schools. I knew they had food and health programs but did not understand there were schools too."

— Anonymous Visitor

"This was so necessary and inspiring. I enjoyed the experience of walking into the home, hearing creaking floors as I walked around a very well-curated set of images and info. Not too overwhelming, but enough to feel like I learned something and could find out more. Loved to talk with Jill outside afterwards. I feel like seeing the BPP from this perspective is new to me so I really appreciate the revision of how the story is told and the uncovering of buried voices. Much gratitude to your lifelong work!"

— Anonymous Visitor

"Inspirational!!! "

— Anonymous Visitor

"Loved the larger than life murals "

— Anonymous Visitor