Women Of The Black Panther Party Mural And Museum

The mural celebrates the Black women who dedicated their lives to the fight for freedom, and with love as a guide, served the people, body and soul. It is also a tool for teaching, community building and healing. People of all colors, ethnicities, genders, and ages have been brought to tears upon arrival while taking photos and videos, speaking to the homeowner and neighbors, and reading the names of the women. The mural has quickly become a powerful centerpiece of this community, a destination for meeting, gathering, remembering, and looking forward with hope and determination to advance the women’s legacy.

This mural is honoring The Black woman Is God. It reminds us the Black woman is to be celebrated. An art piece so unapologetically huge, one can’t look at it without looking up to Black women. Stand in front of the women and feel the power and the love. See More...

Officialy A Non- profit Organization 501c3
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the mural

Pay respect to the Women of the Black Panther Party. Visit and literally look up to Black women. Leave them flowers, an offering, a thank you. Read their names aloud. Tell them that what they did for us matters. Say Thank you. They can hear you.


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